If you’re planning a Mediterranean cruise, you can’t miss Malta – this small island half way between Tunisia and Sicily is a true gem, offering unique nature and adventure experiences and a varied culture influenced by the Arabs, Sicilians, Normans and Spanish – as well as, naturally, the British, who ruled the island until the 1960s.

Malta is a wonderful place to hire a boat – as a former naval base, sailing is very much part of Maltese culture. A Malta boat hire is a wonderful place to tour the island – more than likely you’ll depart from Valletta, the picturesque honey-colored capital, where the largest harbor is located.

Don’t miss visiting the Three Cities, three fortified cities just across the bay from Valletta. Two of the Three Cities were founded by the Order of St.John, later known as the Knights of Malta, whose history is strongly related to the history of the island in the 16th and 17th century. Despite its small size, Malta manages to pack in an incredible amount of sights – the medieval capital Mdina, several prehistoric temples and the amazing Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni are just some examples. Don’t miss visiting Gozo and Comino, two smaller islands part of Malta – Gozo is a nature paradise, with lots of opportunities for snorkeling, diving and climbing, whereas Comino houses a truly wonderful sight, the Blue Lagoon.